Do massage guns work? And what’s the difference between a percussive massager and a handheld massage gun? You have questions, and we have answers. Let us tell you all about the benefits of a percussive massager and whether it’s the right fit for you.

What is Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy has becoming more popular in the sporting world, but also for those suffering from neuropathy and other health conditions. This method applies rapid pressure repeatedly, often with vibration, to your soft tissue.

Designed for faster injury recovery and muscle tension relief, percussive therapy is quite useful in many fields. And just like foot massage machines, now you can enjoy percussion massage at home with a massage gun or handheld massager.

But, before we dive into all that, let’s look at the top benefits a percussive massager has first.

Enhance Body Performance

If you’re an athlete, then, percussive therapy is the perfect way to better performance. It is proven that perucssion massage can enhance athletic performance. 

That’s because perucssive therapy allows even oxygen distribution into parts of your body that usually wouldn’t receive as much energy. In return, your training becomes more efficient, whereas, at the same time you suffer less aftermath from intensive training sessions.

Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Trust us, DOMS is not pleasant. It is also tedious since it doesn’t happen right after exercise so you can get over with it. Are you trying to get back in shape? Prepare yourself for muscle pain and stiffness 24 to 72 hours after working out.

Ever heard people say there’s a knot in their muscle? That’s what microtrauma during workout often feel like. But with percussive therapy, you’re loosening the tightened muscles and making sure blood flows normally through all your vessels. This way, you may completely prevent DOMS from happening!

Promotes Healthy Circulation

Think of percussion massage as pushing blood through narrower pathways and cleaning up your vessels. Does it now make sense how it can help with blood circulation?

So, in case you wonder if a massage gun helps reduce diabetic foot pain, the answer is yes: percussive massage can reduce the blockage (thus pain) caused by high blood sugar levels.

Quick Muscle Sore Relief

Does this sound familiar? Your muscle pain is so severe that no way you’d survive until your next massage appointment. Well, that’s when a portable massage gun comes in handy.

Percussvie massage does magic with instant muscle pain relief. May it be a long day on your feet, or a slightly exerted gym session, you’ll find yourself sighing in relief the moment those percussion nodes hit your body.

Benefits of Using a Massage Gun on Your Feet

Your feet are a circulation hub that powers the rest your body. Therefore, using a massage gun on your feet would radiate all the above-mentioned benefits to throughout the rest of your muscles.

Some major benefits of using a massage gun on your feet are

  • Help deliver nutrient-rich blood to your feet
  • Promote circulation through the rest of your body
  • Relief neuropathy pain and pain caused by plantar fasciitis
  • Push out unhealthy buildup and waste from your feet

Top 3 Massage Guns & Percussive Massagers

Massages are great. But we don’t always have the energy to go to massage therapists. For example, it may take longer to snatch an appointment with a specialist if you're trying to get a massage during pregnancy.

Well, good news.

Whether you’re too busy to get a massage or exhausted to do anything after arriving home, massage guns allow you to take care of your muscles anytime, anywhere.

But there are so many products in the market. What are your best options?

UGO percussion massager top benefits of a percussive massager

UGO Percussive Massager

UGO is much better than just another muscle gun, and that’s not us bragging! With a unique ergonomic design, UGO easily wraps around your torso, legs, calves, or feet. No more holding the massage gun with your hand and end up with a sore arm after a session. Simply grab the handles and relax!

Also, UGO’s heat and vibration therapy maximizes the effect. Are you ready to enjoy a life with deep tissue massage on-demand?

homedis massage gun

HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun

HoMedics is an old brand, and their massage guns are trusted by many for a reason. The pricing is fair, and the effects are well tested. It also comes with several different types of massage nodes. The only downfall is the simple fact that its reach is limited by how much your arms can reach.

If you don’t want to invest in the pro version, this massage gun also has more affordable options. Even the cheapest model runs up to 2.5 horus once fully charged. That is more than enough time for a massage session!

muscle gun carbon

MuscleGun Carbon

MuscleGun is a new player to the market and their Carbon massage gun almost sells out right after each re-stock. We’d say this is more a pro-level product, and is definitely worth the dollar if you’re a serious athlete.

With four custom massage tips plus a smart voice-guided App, MuscleGun Carbon lives up to its promise on taking care of every muscle group in your body.


In conclusion, a massage gun would be useful if you train regularly and desire fast recovery after each workout. It is also helpful for those have foot pain from plantar fasciitis or peripheral neuropathy

However, regardless of the benefits of a percussive massager, it should still be used as a supplemental tool. Werecommend you to invest in a decent shiatsu foot massager with heat and vibration, especially when you need a good relax once you sit down at home.

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