Wireless Massage Pillow

Melt away pain and stress with the Kumo Wireless Massage Pillow. The rechargeable massage pillow features Dual Level Massage, multi-directional massage nodes and switchable heat relieving pain at the source. Heavenly massage, Wireless Convenience.

  • Wireless Back Massage Pillow
  • Plush Memory Foam & Ultra Soft Fabric
  • Dual Massage Pain Relief
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    Bi-Level Massage

    2 Massage Types. 1 Massage Pillow
    Rolling massage above, Tapping Massage below,
    Relief Everywhere.

    Pain Relieving Heat

    Kickstart recovery and loosen tight muscles for an even more effective massage.

    Wireless Convenience

    Back pain has no boundaries. Kumo doesn't either. Enjoy the benefits of massage wherever you are.

    You can have it both ways

    Dual Level Massage

    Upper level rolling nodes deliver kneading massage to get out those knots.

    Lower Lever Tapping massage gives you percussive therapy, loosening tight muscles.

    Wherever you are

    Get Rid of Back Pain

    Portability and convenience.
    4 Hours of Wireless run time.

    Soft and Smooth

    Plush Memory Foam

    Ultra soft memory foam enhances the experience.
    Turn Kumo around for the perfect lumbar support.

    Deep On Muscles. Delicate On Skin

    Ultra Soft Fabric

    Other massage pillows rough up your skin, leaving you scratched and clawed.
    Kumo is ultra soft on your skin, while firm on your knots.

    Back, Neck and Body

    A Massage Experience

    Easily position your Kumo for massage where you want it.
    Kumo works perfectly on your Neck, Back, and more.

    Leather Accents

    Rich vegan leather accents and Eye catching design.
    You'll be proud to keep it out when the guests come by.

    Carrying Handle

    Wherever life takes you, we'll be there.
    Carry Kumo along on flights, trips, or when going to the office.

    Adjustable Speed

    Adjust speed levels, massage modes and heat settings.

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    Back It Up

    Experience Back Pain Relief
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Product Specifications

    Size: 13.6x12x5 inch

    Weight: 4.85 lbs

    Power Output: 32 Watts

    Power Supply: 12.8V/2.5A

    Wireless Run Time: 80-240 Min

    Battery Type: Lithium Ion

    How do I know when it's fully charged?

    There's a backlight in the middle of Kumo. It will turn green when fully charged.

    How can I clean Kumo?

    Kumo is made with durable and resistant fabric. To clean it, you can wipe it down with a mildly damp cloth.

    How long is the warranty?

    Kumo and all Miko products come with a 1-year Warranty


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