Carrying a new life makes you extra cautious, and we don’t blame you for asking twice before doing anything. But pregnancy is such a burden on your body and mind, and we want you to relax without concern. So, let’s make things easy for you. Can you use a foot massager while pregnant? The answer is!

The Benefits of Foot Massages During Pregnancy

Surprise! Foot massage is safe, but it is also the most common alternative therapy recommended to pregnant women by professional healthcare providers!

Carrying a new life is a burden on your body, especially your lower back, hips, legs, and feet. You are delicate, and of course you'd wonder: can you get a foot massage while pregnant?

Thankfully, the answer is yes!

Reduced Stress and Depression

Pregnancy is hormone chaos. And just imagine all that emotional discomfort on top of the drastic physical transitions you’re going through!

Fortunately, foot massages are proven to relieve stress and soothe moods. A good pampering of the feet can lower your stress hormone level and create a warm and fuzzy feeling throughout your body.

Shorter Labor Time

There’s a reason why we say giving birth is the worst pain on earth, and nobody could understand that until they’ve gone through it. Luckily, receiving regular foot massages could reduce labor time by three hours. Three!

Health Benefits For The Baby

Studies found using a foot massager while pregnant helps the baby too. Moms who take care of their feet tend to have babies with a lower weight. They are also more likely to carry their babies to full terms instead of having premature labor.

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Massage Therapist vs. Foot Massage Machines

So, should you go to a massage therapist? If it’s doable, we’d recommend you go with someone specifically trained in caring for pregnant women. But like we’ve said earlier, when you have a baby inside you, you don’t always feel like moving around.

That’s when foot massagers come in handy.

Since it’s 100% safe to use a foot massager while pregnant, why wouldn’t you bring the pampering experience home? Forget about changing clothes, getting in your car, and the potential stress of going into the world. 

Also, it’s quite difficult to find a massage therapist licensed to give a massage to someone pregnant. Meanwhile, any massager machine indicating safe pregnancy use would work for you.

Foot Massagers For Pregnant Women

The best and safest option would be a shiatsu foot massager since they’re designed to mimic professional massage therapy. Shiatsu massage also has many additional benefits as the nodes target acupuncture spots on and around your feet.

Some might wonder: is vibrating massager safe for pregnancy? First, vibrating massagers are safe during pregnancy. In fact, it's better if your massager machine comes with heat and vibration functions. That's because vibration helps promote healthy circulation, which would reduce the discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Is Shiatsu Massagers Good For Pregnancy?

While shiatsu massage is effective, it could feel weird for people not used to it. For example, someone might say shiatsu massage is more painful or that the nodes felt deeper into your tissue (although they’re meant to). So, it’s always good to switch to a gentle heated vibration massage between shiatsu sessions.

Also, it’s best to use a foot massager that covers the ankles and even the lower calf since those are areas receiving the most physical stress during pregnancy.

Can You Use a Foot Massager Too Often If You’re Pregnant?

We all know good things go bad when consumed excessively. The same goes with massages. So, how often should you use a foot massager while pregnant?

Generally, a good twenty-minute shiatsu session every week is all you need. However, try to give yourself a weekly massage during the first trimester since that’s when your body has the worst reactions. After that, a quick five-minute relaxation vibration massage here and there should be all you need.


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    How great that you talk about how shiatsu massage is effective and how to take care afterward. I am pregnant this year and want to take care of myself for the pain. I will find an excellent place for pregnancy care nearby.

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