You had no idea when it crept up on you. At first, it was minor discomfort. Suddenly, every step felt like Little Mermaid walking on the land. Foot pain most often happens in your foot's heels, balls, and arch. We think the arch is the worst of all.

So, why do you have foot pain in your arch? Are you sick, or did your lifestyle cause the condition? And most importantly, do you need to seek medical help, or can you relieve foot pain yourself?

You’re about to find out.

What Causes Arch Pain?

If you still think foot pain is a vocational illness or it’s only a side symptom of other more severe diseases, think again. Surprisingly, a study found that 77% of Americans suffer foot pain. While certain individuals are more prone to developing foot pain in the arch, generally, anyone could become a victim.

Most arch pain is either the result of a disease or bad life habits. But some causes are more common than others.

The most popular reasons behind foot pain in the arch are:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, especially from diabetes
  • Cavus foot
  • Bad walking posture
  • Excessive exercises

Now, let’s take a deeper look at each one.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain in the arch. It is the “inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. (Mayo Clinic)” Its primary symptom is sharp, needle-like pain in the arch and heels that’s often worse in the morning.

Many things could cause this condition, one of them being prolonged standing. If you’re a server, cashier, store clerk, warehouse worker, or anyone with a job that asks you to stand for a long time, you may want to think about prevention.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is the second main condition causing arch pain. This time, we’re not dealing with muscle inflammation but nerve pain, which can be far more painful yet harder to treat.

Also, other illnesses, such as diabetes, could lead to neuropathy. So, if you believe you’re having nerve pain in your feet, it’s best to visit a doctor and ensure nothing else is wrong.

Cavus Foot

If you have cavus feet, that means you have very high arches. This is not always a congenital disability but could develop in one or both feet at any age. Due to the high arch, people with cavus foot often have foot pain, stiff limbs, or easily lose balance while walking.

Bad Walking Posture

On the other hand, sometimes foot pain is simply caused by bad walking habits. For example, perhaps you’re putting your feet down wrong this whole time you walk. As a result, you cause more distress to feet muscles than necessary.

Past foot and leg injuries could also change how you walk. For example, a poorly-healed ankle could make walking harder on that foot.

Do I Need A Doctor?

When should you seek medical help? If the foot pain is unbearable or affects your daily life, it’s best to consult a doctor. However, if you’re considering taking OTC medicine, you should check with your primary care provider first.

Another sign that you may need professional care is lingering and repetitive pain. If you’ve done everything you can except the pain doesn’t go away or made itself a regular visitor, check with your doctor.

Would a Foot Massager Help?

Having a foot massager could be a gamechanger. These machines are much cheaper than going to a massage therapist in the long run. Yet the experience doesn’t fall short at all.

So, let’s look at our best-selling Miko foot massagers and help you find the right product to resolve your arch pain.


MAS2 shiatsu foot massager for foot pain in arch


The Miko MAS 2 is a foot massager for ankles, calves, legs, and feet. The simple, adjustable design makes our MAS 2 the most robust home foot massage machine on the market. Featuring 360-degree air compression and preset kneading, shiatsu, and heat massage modes with different intensities, MAS2 provides a unique home massage experience that’s fully customizable.

Since MAS2 covers up to your calves, it’s also extremely effective against foot pain caused by neuropathy.

yoisho shiatsu foot massager shop miko


The YOISHO is our most loved compact foot massager with heat and vibration. It is a great option for a simple yet powerful massager for plantar fasciitis and arch pain in general.

With our patented massage technique, the YOISHO shiatsu foot massager will melt away the foot pain in the arch while promoting healthy circulation. Its best feature is the pressure point technique — now you can enjoy professional shiatsu massages at home!

y2 yoisho 2 shiatsu foot massager for foot pain in arch


A previous user of the YOISHO? Then, check out Y2, the second-generation Shop Miko’s favorite foot massager.

Y2 Foot Massager is a true upgrade from its predecessor. The Y2 features Petrissage Max Technology and lets you choose between traditional deep kneading, rolling, and air compression while adjusting the heat and pressure level.

If you’re looking for the new age foot massager for plantar fasciitis and arch pain, the Y2 is your best bet!

ugo portable foot massager back massager


Do you suffer from foot pain at unwanted times? Then, take UGO, MIKO’s portable foot and back massager with you wherever you go!

The compact design is foldable and easily fits in your bag. The side-arm design makes it simple to adjust UGO and massage the position you need. Enjoy a soothing percussion massage on the go with UGO!

Other Ways to Reduce Foot Pain in Arch

Of course, foot massagers aren’t the only way to reduce foot pain. Below are some other methods to make your life easier.

Better Footwear

Ill-fitting footwear could distress your feet and lead to pain in the arch, balls, or heels. Therefore, invest in quality footwear, especially if your job requires prolonged standing.

There are also medical footwear and insoles designed to relieve foot pain. Some utilize pressure points on your feet and can even improve blood circulation.

Heat Therapy

A nice soak could effectively melt away your foot pain. Get some pain-relieving essential oils or natural bath salt. The minerals and vitamins in these will relax your feet and your mind.

Adjust Your Diet

You might be surprised, but some food can reduce foot pain! Nuts, salmon, seafood… The idea is to increase your fiber, vitamin D, and omega-3 intake. So in that sense, supplements work the same way. But why take pills when you can eat fresh, delicious food instead?

Take Care of Your Grounding

Remember what we said about taking care of yourself first? Good. Foot pain in the arch is not something you should ignore because it could easily aggravate and completely debilitate you. Sometimes arch pain also suggests you might be sick from something else.

Modern life is stressful. And it only gets worse when you can’t move freely at will. 

So, take care of your feet. Please?

We want to see you go to all the places in your dreams.

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