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Reduce pain in heels and the bottom of your foot with Y2's rolling mode. Reduce nervous inflammation, promote healthy circulation, and help manage your foot pain.


Relieve foot and ankle pain caused by distressed or tight muscles with Y2 Foot Massager's kneading nodes. Break the knots down!

Air Compression

Enjoy an acupressure massage at home with the surrounding air compression brought to you by Y2 Foot Massager's latest technologies. Target pressure points for the most effective pain relief you'll ever experience.

when comfort meets style

Foot Massager For Stress Relief

Wake up those tired feet with the the luxurious Y2 home foot massager. Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, promote circulation with this new era reflexology massage machine.


Safe For The Elders

The Y2 features patented Petrissage Max Technology inspired by traditional Swedish massage techniques. It is non-intrusive and gentle on the bones, letting you customize your massage intensity further. If you are looking for a foot massager that's safe for the elders, the Y2 is your best choice!


Fully Customizable
Home Foot Massage

Choose from one of the massage presets, or find your own favorite combos. Y2's robust customization options truly allow you to enjoy a home message that's most satisfactory to you. Enjoy full control at your fingertips with wireless remote control, or set a timed massage session when you want a nap.

A League Of It's Own



Find The Best Position

Hate massagers that hold you down like a prisoner? So do we! That's why the Y2 Foot Massager features an ankle-free design so you can adjust your feet during sessions to hit every spot that needs attention.


Foot Reflexology At Home

Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, promote circulation with this new era reflexology massage machine. The Y2 is designed for instant foot pain relief and long term benefits that boost your overall wellness. You can even use Y2 with your existing physical therapy for better, faster injury recovery*.

*Always check with your physician first!


One-Year Warranty

All Shop MIKO products come with a one-year warranty. Therefore, you can use Y2 to your heart's content without any concern. We also provide free 2-day shipping on most of our products, because we know every extra day with foot pain is too long of a wait.

The Foot Reflexology Massager You Need

Massage Timer

Set and forget with the built-in auto timer. Take a nap and wake up refreshed.

Washable Foot Liners

Easy-to-clean design. Unzip, remove, and toss the foot liners into the wash to clean.

Non-Slip Grips

A massage where you want it. Grips keep your massager in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specifications

Material: ABS, Metal, Fabric
Power Source: Corded Electric
Size: 16.75 x 16.75 x 9.25 inches
Weight: 11 LBS
SKU: MMF-01C-2
UPC: 850012855231

Power output: 48 watts
Power supply: 24V/2.5A

What foot sizes can Y2 fit?

Yoisho fits all sizes up to Men's Size 12. For larger feet, we recommendMAS 2.

Can you stand up while using Y2?

Please do not stand up if you're in the middle of a foot massage using the Y2 Foot Massager. Make sure to turn off the machine before standing up to avoid falling, twisting, and other injuries.

Can you use Y2 if you're pregnant?

Yes. It's perfectly safe to use an electric foot massager during pregnancy. It can help reduce first-trimester pregnancy reactions, increase smooth birthing, and even improves your baby's health.

Is Y2 really safe for the elders?

Yes. Y2 adopts Swedish massage methods, which is non-intrusive and safe on the elders to begin with. You can also adjust the intensity of massage sessions for elders with brittle bones and delicate nerves.

You can also learn more about why heated foot massagers are good for seniors in our blog.

Do Y2 work for pain in the heels or bottom of the foot?

Yes. Y2's heat and air compression, combined with the kneading and rolling modes, are extremely effective in relieving pain in the heels and bottom of the foot. You can also adjust your feet for more targeted massage since Y2 uses an ankle-free design.

How can I learn more about Y2?

Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you'll see real customer reviews about their experience with Y2. You can also find more reviews on our Amazon Shop.

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