Many seniors suffer complex foot conditions. Therefore, a lot of us thought about buying our grandma or grandpa a heated foot massager. The questions is, we aren’t so sure if heated foot massagers are good for seniors.

Will they get burnt? Do they help with the conditions our grandparents are dealing with? Are there any side-effects? Our professional care team will answer all your questions today.

Elderly Foot Problems

Aging feet requires additional care as the risk of chronic foot conditions increase. Common foot problems in the elders include:

    • Plantar Fascitis, a common issue among elders, often result in arch pain and heel pain.
    • Hammertoe, a disformation of the middle joint of the toe, causing an abnormal bend and resulting in severe pain.
    • Osteoarthritis, or ankle arthritis, a degenerative condition that slowly wears down the articular cartilage of the ankle joint.

      If the person has diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, they might develop other complex conditions that result in footpain like diabetic foot ulcer.

      Senior Foot Care Best Practices

      You and yoru family can implement a few best practices to reduce foot pain in the elders. Begin with a daily foot check routine. Look for blisters, bruises, corns, sore spots, and other problems. Help the seniors in your family to work out every day, but stick to mild exercise routines.

      Keep their feet clean but moisturize with lotion. However, avoid excessive humidity build up to prevent bacteria infection. Regular foot massages are also extremely effective in senior foot care. Therefore, consider buying a heated foot massager for seniors so they can have a personalized massage whenever they need.

      How To Ease Foot Pain At Night For The Elderly

      Many elders realize their feet hurt during sleep. However, sometimes that’s not a result from an illness, but bad lifestyles. To ease nighttime foot pain in the elders, try these methods:

      • Stretch your feet and calves before sleep
      • Enjoy a shiatsu foot massage for 10 to fifteen minutes before sleep
      • Wear well-fitted shoes
      • Keep socks on while sleeping.
      • Use pain-relieving ointment or CBD lotions to keep your feet moist but not wet.

      Are Heated Foot Massagers Better For Circulation?

      One of the biggest benefits of shiatsu foot massagers is healthier circulation. A heated foot massage allows your muscles to relax and unblocks blood vessels in return. It also stimulates weaker nerves and vessels for more effective circulation.

      However, elders are less tolerant of heat and pressure. Therefore, slowly ease your grandma into theses massage sessions so she can get comfortable with it first.

      Best Heated Foot Massager For Seniors

      When looking for the best heated foot massager for seniors, be sure to choose a model with adjustable heat, vibration, and pressure levels. It’s also recommended you use a calf and ankle massager instead of just focus on the feet. If you’re unsure about what model to purchase, head over to our foot massager collection and explore your options.

      Alternatively, you can also find Shop Miko foot massagers from our Amazon shop. Remember — nothing tells your family you love them by caring about their health!

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