Shiatsu Foot Massager

Featuring 360-degree air compression, various massage modes, heat, vibration, and deep tissue shiatsu massage technology, MAS 2 is an adjustable shiatsu foot massager perfect for neuropathy and plantar fasciitis patients. Whether you’ve had a long day of work or suffer from chronic foot pain, MAS 2 will help loosen up your foot, ankle, calf, and leg.

The MAS 2 features:

  • Reflexology massage function: Melt away your pain and stress with adjustable heat and vibration. Customize the most comfortable home foot massage experience at ease.
  • Deep tissue massage: MAS 2 shiatsu foot massage recreates real deep tissue massage at home, instantly relive your foot pain by targeting acupuncture points.
  • Perfect foot massager for neuropathy and plantar fasciitis: Proven effect for neuropathy and plantar fasciitis patients with almost instant results.
  • Wireless remote control: Customize your home foot massage experience with the wireless remote control.
  • One-year warranty: All MIKO foot massagers come with a one-year warranty.

Announcement: MAS 2 Shiatsu Foot Massager is now eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement

Foot Care ELIGIBLE SHOP Foot care, including over-the-counter foot care items, are eligible with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement. Foot care reimbursement is not eligible with a limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA).

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    MAS 2: The Best Shiatsu Foot Massager

    360° Air Compression

    Loosens tight muscles and promotes healthy circulation from all directions

    Heat and Vibration

    Melt away your foot pain and distress
    with MAS 2’s heat massage therapy.

    Timed Massage

    Set your timer to have the massage session most suitable for your needs.


    New-Age Shiatsu Foot Massager

    MAS 2 is a new-age shiatsu foot massager bringing deep tissue reflexology massage to your home. With adjustable heat and vibration, it relieves foot pain from the roots and helps you manage your condition by promoting healthy circulation, loosening tight muscles, and accelerating injury recovery.


    Use as an Ankle or Calf Massager

    MAS 2’s unique design allows you to adjust its height and position, easily turning it into an ankle massager that also works for your calves and legs. Now you can have a calf, ankle, and foot massage with one massager machine!


    Enjoy the Best Home Foot Massage

    Choose from pre-set massage modes, or create your own preset for the best experience. Customize your massage duration based on your needs, and switch between different massage modes freely. This is the home foot massager you’ve always wanted.


    Foot Massager for Neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis

    MAS 2 is highly effective to reduce foot pain caused by neuropathy and plantar fasciitis, as well as many other foot illnesses. The deep tissue shiatsu massage it provides is safe for sensitive nerves and can accelerate injury recovery.

    Removable Foot Liners

    Removable and machine-washable foot liners make cleaning and maintenance easy.

    Wireless Control

    No more bending down to find the buttons. Control your massage experience from your fingertips.

    Luxury Finishes

    Vegan leather accents, ultra-soft foot liners, and a smooth metallic exterior. This foot massager looks good

    Foot massager for ankles and calf

    Put Your Best Foot Forward

    Try MAS II Risk Free.
    Free Shipping + Free Returns Always


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    How-To's and More.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Product Specifications

    MODEL: MMF-03
    BOX SIZE: 22 x 17.8 x 11 in

    What's The Biggest Foot Size The Mas 2 Can Accommodate?

    Because of the open concept design, The Mas 2 fits up to a men's size 15 comfortably.

    Can I use MAS 2 shiatsu foot massager if I’m pregnant?

    Yes. MAS 2 is perfectly safe for anticipating moms. Actually, having a foot massager during your pregnancy is proven to be beneficial for the mother and the baby.

    Learn more at our blog article on whether you can use an electric foot massager while pregnant.

    Can I turn off any function I don’t like?

    Yes. MAS 2 provides a fully customizable home foot massage experience, meaning you can switch on or off any function according to your needs and preference. For example, you can adjust or turn off the heat and vibration.

    Do shiatsu foot massagers actually work?

    Shiatsu foot massagers have many benefits. They relieve foot pain caused by various conditions, promote healthy circulation, and can even help you fight anxiety and depression.

    Check out our article about the benefit of shiatsu foot massagers to learn more!

    Where can I find MAS 2 reviews?

    You can find reviews right here on the product page — Just scroll down! You’ll also find more reviews on our amazon shop, or check out our 2022 MAS 2 Foot Massager review!

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