Have you thought of buying a massage pillow or a massage cushion but didn’t know if it’s worth the money? Fret no more. This article will answer your questions of:

  • Are massage pillows safe?
  • Are massage pillows worth it?
  • What symptoms do they relieve?
  • Can you use a massage pillow while pregnant?
  • How long should you have it on?

Of course, you’ll find Miko’s massage pillow at the end of this article — just in case you’re ready to witness the benefits of using a massage pillow yourself!

Massage Pillow Benefits

Massages have many benefits: it helps circulation, improves your sleep, relieves pain and soreness, even helps combat depression and anxiety. But it’s hard to go to a massage therapist every week. Thankfully, massage pillows make it possible to have a massage according to your schedules.

They’re called massage pillows, but actually don’t stay under your head. Massage pillows are extremely effective in providing shoulder, upper, and lower back massages too!

Compared to regular massagers or full-size massage chairs, massage pillows are more affordable, portable, and flexible. They work the same way a regular kneading, shiatsu, or heat massage would.

Are Massage Pillows Safe?

Yes, massage pillows are completely safe to use on your butt, back, and shoulder. Of course, you may want to keep it away from your children, especially if your pillow has a heating function.

How To Use a Massage Pillow

The easiest way to use a massage pillow would be placing it between your back and a chair or a wall. Similarly, feel free to take your pillow on the go and use it in your car!

You can also lay on the massage pillow for a back massage if you’re not pregnant.

Can You Use a Massage Pillow for Headaches?

Putting a massage pillow under your head helps ease headaches, but you shouldn’t do that for a prolonged period of time. Alternatively, you can put the massage pillow on your neck or shoulder to help relieve headaches. There are also specific anti-migraine pillows nowadays!

Can You Use a Massage Pillow During Pregnancy?

It is safe to get a massage when you’re pregnant. There also is no scientific evidence against using a massage pillow during pregnancy. However, we recommend you to be cautious when using the pillow on your back and stop immediately if discomfort happens. Also, never lay on your back or stomach when getting a massage during pregnancy!

How Long Should I Use a Massage Pillow?

While we understand the sentiment of laying down for a whole hour, it is best to use a massage pillow for 15-20 minutes per session, three to four times per week. Over massaging could retighten your muscles or even cause tissue damage.

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