Is the changing weather and early-setting sun getting to you? Check out these season change self-care routines to manage your stress level and mental health, and get ready for fall.

Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder Self Care

If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, self care should be high on your todo list around this time of the year. Changing in temperature, weather, and especially daylight duration could drastically impact your mood and make it difficult for you to enjoy your life.

Some self care tips for those with SAD are

  • Get your body moving
  • Go outside and get some sunlight while you can
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Stay comfy

Or, try the season change self care routines below.

Treat Yourself With a Self Care Vacation

Unless you’re in school, you haven’t had a legitimate vacation for a while. Therefore, why not treat yourself to a self care vacation? You don’t have to make things fancy. A weekend staycation at your favorite downtown hotel, or a quick road trip to the nearest state park will do. The idea is to take yourself away from your daily environment so your mind can rest and prepare for the fall season.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a great routine whenever seasons change, especially if you have seasonal allergies. Other than your usual sweeping and mopping, try to clean all the vents and filters, and look for any traces of mold. Change of the season is also a good time to air out all your blankets, covers, and linens. Toss those fabrics under the sun for a few hours — you’ll see a huge difference!

Switch Up Your Interior Decor

Who cares if it’s September and you’re putting holiday lights on. It’s your house! One of my favorite season change self care routines is switching up your house decorations.

Toss some fake leaves here and some dry flowers there. Put a few toy pumpkins on the table and change your house palette to orange and brown. Even if it won’t last through the rest of the year, the point is to relax and have fun!

Restock Your Medicine Cabinet

Changing weather and temperature can make you sick quite easily. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to check your OTC medicine and supplements before the new season arrives.

Make sure to check your daily meds, vitamins, and first-aid kits. You may not actually need to take any, but having a well-stocked medicine cabinet could make you less stressful when seasons change.

Find New Shows to Watch

When you’re stressed out, you won’t feel like looking for entertainment options. Therefore, get prepared ahead of time and check the fall and winter schedules for shows and movies. You can also put some old shows into your queue to binge on one of those days.

Air Out Your Fall and Winter Clothes

It’s healthy to air out your warmer clothes, especially sweaters, when the season changes because it lets the fabric breathe and removes built up odor and moisture.  It also gives you a sense of refreshment as you physically rotate your closet. 


Alright, ladies. Let’s admit it.

Can you say it’s not a self care routine when you go through all the clothes you own? Just lay them out and think about how cute you’d look in them? I mean, that’s the whole point of self care, don’t you agree?

Perform Some Seasonal Self Care Rituals

It doesn’t matter if you’re spiritual. Performing seasonal self care rituals are generally beneficial. For example, write a list of things you’d like to happen and seal it in an envelope. Alternatively, write down a list of things that you wish would go away this upcoming season and burn it in a fire.

Meditation, reflective journal, soul-searching getaway, aromatherapy bath surrounded by candles… don’t worry about if it’s weird. Sometimes we could all use a little ceremony in life.

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