Yoga, aerobics, even some dance moves are great ways to reduce back pain, especially lower back pain. If you’re looking for a regular workout routine, then of course, you should find a gym and preferably a trainer. However, if you want to find some easy routines to do at home, keep reading. These 10 lower back stretches will do wonders on pain relief.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

Similar to causes behind neck and shoulder muscle pain, the no.1 reason behind lower back pain arthritis and the wear and thear of spinal disks. Stress and physical trauma, including past trauma from accidents could also lead to chronic lower back pain.

Additionally, acute stress, muscle or ligament strain, and muscle inflammation, often caused by heavy lifting, sudden and awkward movements, or bad posture could also lead to lower back pain. Pain caused by these reasons tend to be more acute and goes away once the inflammation is reduced.

Bad diet that’s high sodium, high trans fat, and high sugar also makes your muscles more prone to inflammation.

Lower Back Pain in Women

During pregnancy, many women suffer from lower back pain due to muscle inflammation and the additional strain put on the spine from being pregnant. Another common cause is poor posture from wearing high heels, carrying heavy purses on one shoulder (causing the body to lean), or breastfeeding when there isn’t comfortable seating. Lower back pain in women may also be the result from medical conditions such as dysmenorrhea, sciatica, and an herniated disc.

How to Exercise to Reduce Lower Back Pain

There are plenty of stretches and yoga moves for lower back pain. However, make sure you follow the instructions below:

  • Never make drastic movements. Move slowly and allow your muscles and joint the time to react.
  • Don’t push yourself. If a movement felt too straining on your body, switch to an easier one.
  • Allow yourself to rest after a workout session. Similarly, make sure your stretching sessions are reasonable in duration.
  • Combine exercises with other lower back pain remedies such as a salt bath or reflexology massages for the best results. 

Child Pose

This is a great yoga pose for lower back pain. Get on all fours, and place your sit on your heels. Stretch your hands in front of you and slowly bend forward until your hands touch the ground, but make sure your butt stays on your heels. You can touch your knees together but spread your legs to make this posture easier.

Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds and slowly practice breathing. This posture helps strech the neck, shoulders, spine and your lower back muscles. It also helps reduce stress and head tension.

Cat/Cow Stretch

Again, start on all fours with your knees and arms parted at shoulder width. Breathe in, sink your stomach while throwing your head to the back. Breathe out, curve your spine and point your chin toward your chest. Repeat the breathing movement 7 to 8 times.

Downward Dog

Start with your hands and knees. Breathe in, push on your hands and feet while straightening your legs until you are pointing downward in a triangle shape with your tailbone pointing up. Breathe out, press your back slightly down to stretch your spine and lower back muscle. Hold the position while slowly pressing your back repeatedly. Breathe in, then breathe out as you return to hands and knees.

You can also combine this movement with Cat/Cow stretch!

Cobra Pose

Lay flat on your stomach with your hands underneath your shoulders. Breathe in, push your upper body with your hands until your arms are straight. Breathe out, and gently sink your spine and lower back to the ground. Hold the position for 10-15 second. Breathe in, stretch to full. Breathe out, return to face-down position. Rinse and repeat.

Bridge Pose

Lay on your back with hands on your sides and kness bent. Make sure your feet are placed solidly on the ground. Breathe in. Push down with your feet and lift your lower back to form a bridge. Breathe out, slowly return to the starting position. Repeat a few times.

For a more thorough stretch, breathe in and lift, then place your hands under your lower back for support. Breathe out and hold position. Hold for a few seconds. Breathe in, lift a little higher and return your hands to the sides. Breathe out, slowly put your back down.

Forearm Plank

Face down with elbows under your shoulders and toes pointing down. Breathe in and lift your body. Hold still with your elbows and toes, while making sure your back is flat, as the name suggests, like a plank.

Since the Plank is a higher-level yoga post, don’t force yourself if you feel this one is too challenging. The point here is to reduce your back pain, not to make it worse!

Air Bicycle

This is a great lower back exercise for pain relieving, and can be done during work or right before bed. Lay on your back with your hands on the side. Breathe in, lift your lower back and place both hands underneath for support. Lean both legs in the air and slowly mimic cycling movements. Once done, let go of your hands and slowly return your lower back to the surface. Lay flat for a few second if you need abreather.


Squats are a great lower back exercise to increase muscle strength and reduce muscle tension. However, you must do lower back squats right. Otherwise, you might find yourself too sore to move the next day.

To do a squat correctly, slide your hands down your sides and end with your elbows meeting your knees. If you’re doing this right, you shouldn’t need to lean forward to get back up.

Can Foot Massage Reduce Lower Back Pain?

Yes, shiatsu foot massage can help relieve acute and chronic lower back pain. That’s because certain pressure points on your feet and legs can reduce muscle and disk inflammation, or promote blood circulation in your back.

How to Reduce Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

The best ways to reduce lower back pain during pregnancy include:

  • Sleeping on your side
  • Wear flat, well-padded shoes
  • Put a firm pillow or cushion behind your back when sitting
  • Use a foot massager to reduce pregnancy reactions
  • Include some minimum physical activity, such as a short stroll, in your daily routine.

Other Lower Back Pain Remedies

Of course, if exercise alone is enough to take away back pain, we wouldn’t need medications or doctors. Therefore, it’s best to utilize other lower back pain remedies, such as using a percussive body massager. A hot soak with anti-inflammatory or stress-relieving essential oil is also a great way to manage or relieve lower back pain.

If time and funds permit, treat yourself to a full body reflexology massage session once a week. Lower back pain can be debilitating. It may also radiate into other muscles. Therefore, please invest in your health and take care of yourself!

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