Anybody who suffers from neck to shoulder muscle pain hates those days. Because it might start with a little tingling, the next thing you know, your neck pain has blown up into a full on migraine episode leading to nauseaus, virtigo, and even a fever.

So, exactly what causes neck to shoulder muscle pain, and how can you avoid these dibilitating episodes from happening? Let’s take a deep dive into the anwers!

Neck Pain Causes

The main causes for neck pain include arthritis, disc degeneration, narrowing spinal canal, muscle inflammation, muscle strain (from looking up or down), or phsycial trauma. Bad sitting and sleeping posture, wearing heavy necklaces regularly, and stress could also cause neck pain.

Fortunately, neck pain is rarely a sign of more severe illnesses, however, prolonged neck pain could lead to other conditions and even increase your chances of stroke.

Shoulder Pain Causes

The most common cause of shoulder muscle pain is rotator cuff tendinitis. Basically, your rotator cuff tendons get trapped under the bony area in the shoulder, which inflames or damages the tendons.

Another common cause of shoulder pain is swimmer’s shoulder, which happens from the connective tissue rubbing on a shoulder blade. Overusing or misusing shoulders could lead to these conditions.

Additionally, muscle strain, bad posture, and trauma from workout could also cause neck to shoulder muscle pain.

What Causes Neck Pain for Women?

We often say pain is a fair torture. However, it is a fact that women tend to suffer more from neck and shoulder muscle pain than men. The most common causes for neck pain in women is muscle tension and stress. During their periods, women are more prone to muscle inflammation and report a higher stress level. Therefore, many women may also notice neck and shoulder muscle pain right before and during their priods.

Ways to Reduce Neck to Shoulder Muscle Pain

Using a heat pad on your muscles could help relieve neck to shoulder muscle pain, as long as you don’t apply heat right after an injury. Paying attention to your routine and diet could also help manage your neck to shoulder muscle pain because that’s how you can identify pain triggers.

On the other hand, taking pain killer isn’t the best approach and they cause more harm and burden on your body than benefits. Rather, try essential oil or tiger balm patches if you need something quick.

Should You Invest in a Massage Gun?

Handheld massage guns are a great investment if you suffer from neck to shouldeer muscle pain and need something that provides quick relief without disturbing your daily routine. Moreover, these portable massagers also work on other body parts and are far more affordable compared to massage chairs.

Combine home massage thereapy with other ways to reduce shoulder muscle pain, and we promise you’ll start seeing improvement in no time.

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