Too many of us struggle with chronic pain — it shouldn’t be like that. And, honestly, back pain is probably the worst of them all, if you ask us. So, how can we change that? Well, if you want to fix something, you gotta find the root first. Therefore, let’s dive into the primary causes of back pain so you can start adjusting your lifestyle for a painless future.

Bad Posture

Do you work in front of a laptop a lot? Maybe you sit behind a desk all day long. Either way, bad postures are the no.1 cause of chronic back pain. When you don’t sit right, you’re twisting your spine, leading to misalignment. You may also strain your muscles. Both could cause enough pain to disturb your regular life.

Lack of Exercise

We get it. You’re busy. So, working out may not be your top priority. But lacking exercise would affect your body strength. As a result, you become more prone to back and muscle pain.


Overworking is in itself a pandemic if you ask us. Apparently, the United States is the most overworked country in the world. We’re constantly exhausting ourselves yet barely ever get enough rest. No wonder our backs hurt!

Heavy Labor Work

Sadly, your career might be causing you more back pain. For example, serving, stocking, and construction work put a heavy burden on our bodies. A great way to avoid back pain caused by work is to build a post-work self-care routine and try your best to stick to it.

causes of back pain woman holding head down in pain

Poor Diet

Our bones and muscles require a steady supply of nutrients to grow. So, if you don’t eat properly, your bones become brittle, and your muscles become powerless. The next thing you know, anything could kill your back.

Smoking and Drinking

Modern living can be stressful. And we often turn to smoke and alcohol for relief. But did you know smoking and drinking are causes of back pain? So while we’re not saying that you must quit, controlling your indulgence would surely reduce your back pain.

Illness and Disease

Certain illnesses could lead to muscle pain. For example, high fevers can make our bodies sore. Meanwhile, kidney diseases can cause pain in the lower back. Pain from other parts of our bodies may also affect our back and spine. Therefore, if you feel sick, it’s best to visit a doctor instead of waiting.


Unfortunately, back pain is inevitable as we age. But there are ways to slow this process or reduce the amount of pain we feel. Supplements, good sleep schedule, and regular exercise can all help us fight back pain.


Now that you know the main causes of back pain, you can change how you stand, sit, move, and live. Developing a painless lifestyle really isn’t as hard as many people think it to be. In the end, it just takes knowledge, patience, and consistency.

And, if you still suffer from back pain here and there, that’s okay too. Just invest in a portable back massager so you can ease your pain and regain peace whenever and wherever.

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