According to The Spruce, MAS 2 is one of the best shiatsu foot massagers in the market. But, we get it: the market is overflown with massagers. Just because a few publications consider us the best, doesn’t mean you don’t have doubts.

Therefore, we put together this comprehensive review to answer your questions. Is MAS 2 the best option you have? Will this be a worthy investment? See MAS 2’s strengths and features for yourself, and decide if it sounds like the pain solution you’ve always desired.

The Story Behind MAS 2

Miko started with a simple dream: to create a painless life for ourselves and the people we love.

Unfortunately, modern life has caused many health issues. We can’t remember how many times we’ve heard families and friends saying their back or feet hurt. Overworking, sitting or standing for long periods, too much screentime, lack of exercise… too many reasons lead to muscle pain, yet there never seems to be an easy solution.

So, we decided to be the solution.

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Best Shiatsu Foot Massager in 2022

MAS 2 is a shiatsu foot massager with heat and vibration, designed to relieve foot, ankle, and lower leg pain with acupressure massage that goes deep into your tissue to relieve stress and pain from the roots.

Thanks to its modern design and cutting-edge functionalities, MAS 2 is elegant and useful. Therefore, if you’ve wondered where you can find one machine that meets all your foot, ankle, and leg pain relief needs, look no further than MIKO.

Originated from “master,” MAS 2 lives up to its ambition to be the field's state-of-the-art foot and ankle massager. Since its launch, this product has received outstanding feedback from wellness publications and the general public.

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Top Features

So, what makes MAS 2 the best among the bests? Let’s started with the many features that make it the super foot massager with everything you’d want.

In terms of design, MAS 2 features:

  • 360-degree rotation arm
  • Sleek, elegant exteriors
  • Ultra-soft fabrics
  • Easy clean design

After seeing so many ugly massager machines, we asked ourselves: why should comfort look bad? So, we decided to make a foot massager that looks pretty too, so you would proudly carry it around in your house.

Meanwhile, we packed as many awesome functions as possible into MAS 2, such as:

  • Air-compression massage mimicking real shiatsu massage techniques
  • Deep tissue kneading
  • Heat and vibration
  • Adjustable intensity for maximum comfort
  • Timed massage that gives you total control

Heat & Vibration

Massagers with heat and vibration tend to relax your muscles more. With MAS 2’s gentle heat and vibration, it almost feels like you’re sitting in a jacuzzi. Watch how your exhaustion and muscle tension melts within minutes after switching MAS 2 on!

Deep Kneading

Break those stubborn muscle knots with the deep tissue kneading function. The kneading also promotes healthy circulation and encourages the muscles to heal. Therefore, turn to MAS 2 if you are sick of chronic pain or want to recover from sports injury faster, 

Acupressure Shiatsu Massage

Can a foot massager feels identical to a real-human shiatsu massage? You bet. MAS 2 uses air compression technology combined with acupuncture technique to recreate the perfect shiatsu massage experience at your home.

360-Degree Embracement

Not only are your feet fully embraced by ultra-soft fabric, but you can also cover your ankles and lower calves simply by adjusting the rotation handle. The 360-degree embracement makes MAS 2 the best massager for ankle and calf pain. Therefore, calling it a foot massager is an understatement since MAS 2 is as good as three massagers in one!

Time Massage with Adjustable Intensity

Getting a massage should be easy. MAS 2 allows you to get the massages you want with smart customizations. Set duration and intensity, then relax and let the machine take care of the rest!

To make your experience more convenient, MAS 2 also comes with a magnetic wireless remote control. Stick it to any metal surface around you, so you never have to bend for adjustments. We honestly can’t think of an easier way to get a massage, can you?

Best Massager for Neuropathy and Plantar Facilis

Plenty of medical conditions lead to long-term pain in your legs, calves, and feet. In some cases, the pain could be debilitating. Thankfully, MAS 2 Shiatsu Foot Massager is most effective against illnesses like Plantar Facilis, chemo-induced neuropathy, and general muscle injuries. Its gentler settings are perfect if you’re sensitive to pressure and its heat and vibration promote efficient injury recovery.

With MAS 2, you’ll never need to spend hundreds every month for massage therapy. Take control over your life, and tell pain to get lost here on!

Vetted Reviews

Of course, you shouldn’t just listen to us telling you how good MAS 2 is. Instead, check out what our customers said:

“My feet have burned from neuropathy caused by spinal damage for years. The meds help "some" but my feet still hurt to the point of having trouble sleeping… After using it, I knew that I picked the right one. I NEVER write reviews. I never fill out surveys unless they hacked me off. I don't work for this company. I have NO connection to this company, or anyone that sells for them, works for them, or is a supplier to them.”

Or, how about this one?

“I have long suffered from chemo induced neuropathy in my legs and feet as well as plantar fasciitis in my heels. Last week I received the massager. I am not one to write reviews, but this time I must… so I start off on medium pressure. My favorite settings. P3 and with compression. The compression feature that massages the sides and top of foot is amazing... the bottom rollers are absolutely perfect. So I give the MAS 2 a 5 star rating as it is well designed, sturdy and well deserved. Thank you MIKO..!!!”

If you want more proof, simply go to MAS 2 Foot Massager on Amazon and read more five-star reviews yourself!

Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Many future moms use MAS 2 during pregnancy to combat the pressure their legs and feet receive as the fetus matures. It is completely safe to use MAS 2 foot massager during pregnancy. If you are worried, try to start with the lowest intensity and set the timer to less than 15 minutes. Of course, always consult with your doctors if you still have concerns.

Shop Miko’s MAS 2 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Are you convinced yet? Head over to MAS 2’s product page and put an order in now! Take advantage of our free shipping. Don’t like it after you tried? No worries. We offer free unconditioned return and refund because we’re that confident.

See yourself why MAS 2 Shiatsu Foot Massager is considered the best among the bests. And, while you’re on our website, check out other massage machines we have and start marching toward a painless life.


  • Sandra Gunn said:

    I love my Miko Mas ll. It has helped my neuropathy pain from a pinched nerve. I use it everyday on my feet. Thanks for such a great product and the customer service was very helpful.

    September 07, 2023

  • Erna Dale said:

    MAS 2
    I have neuropathy with diabetes and very interested in the model MAS2 price
    Thank You

    March 03, 2023

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