Peripheral neuropathy is one of the main causes of severe, debilitating foot pain. Unfortunately, it is quite common nowadays, and people young and old may fall victim to the disease. So, how can you reduce foot pain from neuropathy?

Like all other illnesses, short-term and long-term methods control the symptoms, so you can at least live comfortably. However, when it comes to nerve pain, understand that it will be a long battle that might last a lifetime. After all, stress could make your pain worse.

So, before reading further, understand that there are ways to reduce your pain. Nonetheless, accept the fact that for now, that pain will remain a part of your daily routine — and everything will still be alright.

Prescribed Medications

When it comes to how to reduce pain from neuropathy, the most straightforward way is prescribed pain medicines. First, however, get a proper prescription from your healthcare provider. OTC painkillers only work that much and could easily cause more damage than benefit if used without proper guidance. 

Adjust Your Diet and Include Supplements

If your peripheral neuropathy results from diabetes, adjusting your diet could significantly reduce your foot pain. Start by lowering your sugar intake, then add Vitamin D and Vitamin B supplements. You can also add foods to your diet to reduce pain further. Also, a healthy diet plus pain-relieving supplements could bring faster results than other methods.

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A Hot Bath or Foot Soak

Heat therapies also reduce foot pain from neuropathy. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bath with Himalayan salt and essential oils? If you’re too busy for a full bath, that’s okay, too! Grab a small Tupperware and make yourself a foot soak. Just be sure to dry completely because moisture could cause other diseases on your feet.

Regular Exercise

Mild exercises can reduce foot pain from neuropathy. However, avoid excessive activities as they might cause more harm. For example, casual walks are great, but hiking through a rough natural path is not the best idea. You can also try yoga and stretching. 

Give CBD and TLC a Shot

Even if you’re not in a state where cannabis is fully legalized, you can still benefit from the soothing, pain-killing effect of CBD and TLC. With a proper diagnosis and doctor’s note, you won’t have any issue getting a medical card. Plus, CBD creams are available from any online store, and you don’t need to worry about breaking any law.

Does Foot Massage Help With Neuropathy?

Foot massage is extremely efffective in reducing neuropathy foot pain while improving sleep qualities. Therefore, you find yourself find yourself in pain and stressed out (you probably are), try a shiatsu foot massage session.

This ancient Asian massage technique applies pressure with fingertips on acupressure points across your feet, ankle, and calves. As a result, it stimulates healthy circulation and thus reduce the numbness and pinching pain caused by peripheral neuropathy.

However, keep in mind that Hodgkin's lymphoma patients should not get a foot massage.

Foot Massagers For Neuropathy

Look for foot massagers for neuropathy, like our MAS 2 shiatsu foot massager. When it comes to pain reduction, every penny is worthwhile. Don’t try to save with a cheap foot massager from Walmart. Instead, look for those with vibrations, deep tissue kneading, and heating function because they will quickly ease your foot pain.


Try these methods, and we promise you’ll feel better! But keep in mind that pain is stubborn. Therefore, it’s important to take care of your body and mind. Don’t hesitate to invest in good foot massagers, high-quality bath salts and oils, and verified supplements. The money spent on reducing pain is money well-spent if you ask us.


  • Eve Mitchell said:

    It’s good to know that mild exercise can help reduce pain from neuropathy. I’m hoping that I can talk to my doctor this week about my feet. I’ve had really bad neuropathy since giving birth 6 weeks ago and I don’t know what’s going on.

    March 10, 2023

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