Allergy seasons are also peak seasons for sinus infections. Other things, like low air quality, invisible allergens, or even temperature change, could irritate your nose. Luckily, after years of struggling with sinus infections, we’ve found six sure ways to prevent sinus infections. Today, we’re here to share these gems with you.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Sinus infections often start with minor sneezing and an irritated nose, which happens when pollutants, viruses, or bacterias enter your nose. Other than breathing in, you’re bringing those unwanted things around your nose whenever you rub your face with a dirty hand. Therefore, washing your hands frequently with soap and water can prevent germs from spreading. You can also use hand sanitizers for additional protection.

Maintain Nasal Moisture

Your nose can become irritated if it’s too dry. As time goes by, that dryness would cause damage like scratches or nose blood. If left unattended, it could easily turn into sinus infections.

Nose sprays are a great way to maintain your nose’s moisture level. You can use a simple saline solution or ones with soothing aloe. There are also sprays designed to combat allergy or sinusitis, so be sure to get the right one!

Find Out What You Are Allergic To

Don’t be surprised, but many people don’t know what they’re allergic to. So, order an allergy test kit or talk to your doctor. Then, adjust your diet and living habits to avoid allergens as much as you can.

Aside from causing sinus infections, allergies also reduce your immunity and make you more prone to other triggers of sinus infections.

Invest in an Indoor Air Purifier

With the amount of air pollution there is today, it’s always a good idea to invest in an air purifier for allergies. You’ll find plenty of models, from portable to fixtures, that will keep your hosue clean of allergens.

Meanwhile, if you’re genuinely concerned about indoor air quality or have severe allergies, consider buying a HEPPA air purifier. These are more powerful and remove more dirt, dust, and pollutants from the air.

Adjust Your Activity Schedule

You don’t have to give up outdoor activities. But adjusting your schedule is a great way to prevent sinus infections. Many weather apps now tell you things like pollen counts, whether it’s the flu season or the risk of catching a cold. So adjust your activity schedule accordingly to avoid triggers of sinus infections.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Our last and most important way to prevent sinus infections is by living a healthy lifestyle. Start with avoiding things that could irritate your nose: smoking, overly strong incense, substances… If your nose gets irritated, it increases the infection risk and slows recovery.

Also, pay attention to your diet and make sure they’re balanced and nutritious. Malnutrition and lacking certain Vitamins could also make you more vulnerable to sinus infections.


Other factors, such as coexisting conditions, exhaustion, or other prescriptions you’re taking, could all lead to sinus infections. But, with these ways to prevent sinus infections, you’ll be much safer when allergy seasons hit this year.

Finally, knowing your body is important. So, if you feel off, don’t wait. There are often clues you may be developing a sinus infection. Knowing your body also helps you avoid sinus infection triggers more effectively.

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