A 2020 study proved that reflexology can improve bowel movement and subside constipation among elders 60 years of age or above. In 2023, similar improvements were found among children. Now, you can learn to massage your feet for constipation at home safely and effectively.

1. Finding the Pressure Points

Massage your right foot for constipation relief. That’s because your right foot affects your liver. All key pressure points you need to tackle are in the center of your foot, almost along the arch. Relax your foot, and you will notice where your foot curves in. That is your liver pressure point cluster. Right next to that area, off to the outer edge, is the reflex to the gallbladder.

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2. Thumb Walking the Liver Reflexes

Thumb walking is a simple reflexology technique. You use your thumb to create even pressure by pressing down along a designated route. Find the diaphragm line on the bottom of your right foot and place your thumb below. Walk your thumb across the liver reflex from the belly of your foot to the outer edge. You should feel a slight soreness if you’re pressing hard enough.

3. Hook and Backup for the Gallbladder

Once you’re done with your liver reflexes, it’s time to move to the gallbladder reflex. Hold your foot with both hands but ensure your dominant thumb is on the gallbladder reflex.

Push in as hard as you can. You may need to press onto the back of your foot for more strength. Then pull your thumb out while stretching your foot back to normal with the rest of your fingers. Watch your pain threshold, as this can feel intense for the first few times.

4. Adrenal Gland Reflexes

Your adrenal gland reflexes are on both feet, close to the inner edge. They are about one inch below the ball of your foot. Thumb walking the same spot a few times. This is also a sensitive pressure point. So, once again, be mindful of how much pressure you apply.

5. Lower Back Reflexes

Constipation can cause back pain sometimes. Therefore, you should add lower back reflexes for constipation when you massage your feet. The pressure point for lower back pain is on the inside of each heel, close to the arch. Rapidly walk up and down the same area with your thumb. You apply lesser force than before in this step. Instead of thumb walking, think of it as thumb tapping. Give eight to nine taps on each side.

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Massaging with Essential Oils

Can you use essential oils during a foot massage? Absolutely. Feel free to incorporate aromatherapy with pain-relieving essential oils that are safe for topical use. You can also use herbal massage oils or pain relief creams for a more effective massage.

Using a Foot Reflexology Machine for Constipation

Foot massagers are great if you don’t want to spend time learning reflexology. These robust devices are as adequate as a trained massage therapist, but far more affordable and accessible. Foot massagers also come with many other benefits, such as stress relief, promoting healthy circulation, and improving sleep quality.

When purchasing a foot massage machine for constipation relief, choose something with 360-degree foot coverage, heat, and vibration for the best results.

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