Foot pain sucks. Period. And for most of us, it’s a chronic condition that can’t be fixed by one or two doctor visits, but requires daily maintenance. So, what are the easiest ways to prevent foot pain? Here are our top 6:

  • Watch your weight
  • Avoid prolonged standing or walking
  • Get a foot massage regularly
  • Hot soak
  • Adjust your diet
  • Watch your feet moisture
  • Wear fitting shoes

Now, let’s look deeper into each of these methods.

PS: Look at our in-depth explanation on the cause of heel pain and arch pain if you’re experiencing pain in these parts of your feet.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your feet, ankle, and legs support the weight of your full body. Therefore, foot pain is more prevalent among obese individuals. Maintaining a healthy weight avoids putting excessive pressure on your feet. If you feel like you’re overweighed and your foot hurts, you might want to look into ways to get fitter. It has nothing to do with the looks, but your own health.

Avoid Prolonged Walking and Standing

Sometimes our job demands us to stand and walk on the floor all day long. Even then, you should try to find ways to let your feet rest. Try to take short breaks throughout your shift so you can at least sit down. Bathroom breaks are always convenient in those situations.

Get a Foot Massage Regularly

Foot reflexology can significantly reduce foot pain. If you don’t have the funds or time to go to a massage therapists weekly, you should definitely invest in a heated shiatsu foot massager

Shiatsu foot massagers have many benefits. For example, they are extremely effective against chronic foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or excessive usage. They also promote healthy circulation and speed up injury recovery.

Give Your Feet a Soak

Heat therapy on the foot has many health benefits, including reducing foot pain. A hot soak with salt, essential oil, and other herbs can also remove bacteria and restore energies to your feet, helping you to prevent foot pain episodes from happening. Also, if your feet tend to get blisters or cracks in winter, heat will also help prevent those symptoms.

Eat Food that Reduces Foot Pain

Having a healthy diet could be a life changer. Understand what food helps prevent foot pain and adjust your diet to include more of those items is one of the fastest ways to reduce and prevent foot pain. These foods include fatty fish, tart berries, leafy greens, and more.

Watch Your Feet’s Moisture Level

Feet are sensitive. Too wet or too dry can both cause feet pain. During daytime, wear socks made with light fabric to prevent moisture from collecting because that can easily lead to fungus infection. Make sure you take your socks off for a while to let your foot breathe.

However, don’t overdry your feet as that can lead to cracking and other skin problems. You may also want to buy some foot cream or lotion for extra protection!

Wear Fitting Shoes

A 2020 study found that over 72% people are wearing ill-fitting shoes. No wonder the modern population suffers so much from foot pain, then! Ill-fitting shoes cause unnecessary distress to your feet and often lead to blisters, raw skin, inflammation, and other damages.

So, make sure you know your shoe size and are buying from trusted merchants. If you shop online from other countries, calculate your shoe sizes properly as some shoes may be measured differently!

What it Takes to Maintain Your Foot Health

While these methods can prevent foot pain or at least minimize your episodes, foot health is, in the end, a long game. To keep your foot healthy and prevent foot pain, you must live maintain a feet-friendly lifestyle. And of course, always treat yourself to a foot massage, even if it’s just for your anxiety!

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