Spring is the season of hope and fresh beginning, but it can also be a difficult time for anyone struggling with mental health. Similar to New Year anxiety, the anticipation that comes with the spring season can create a lot of pressure, especially if you’re at ther turning point in life.

Four of the biggest mental health challenges in the spring season are:

  • Feeling pushed to try new things or get started
  • Anxiety and depression resulted from spring seasonal allergy
  • Amplified sense of isolation
  • You may have reverse SAD

In this article we will talk about some simple self care routines effective for each mental health challenge.

Challenge 1: Am I Living Up to the Expectations?

Similar to why people may feel depressed at the beginning of the year, spring puts the stress on everyone, hinting that we must be living up to certain expectations: if everyone else is going out, we should be. If your friends are starting new projects, you should too.

However, this is nothing more than a mind trick we play on ourselves. The capitalism economy has trained us to compare, because that is a great way to promote spending and generate more cash flow. In reality, you don’t need to live up to anybody’s expectations. Rather, simply enjoy your life the way you want to. Reading an old book at home is as meaningful as volunteering if it brings you the joy and peace.

Challenge 2: Allergy Distress

Seasonal allergies suck, and many of us are pretty immobile during spring because of the pollens. If you suffer from seasonal allergy, the best thing to do is staying home during high-pollen days.

Furthermore, invest in a HEPA air purifier to ensure your indoor air quality. Staying inside doesn’t completely protect you from allergy symptoms unless your air is clean.

To make your indoor life more fun, you can also try some new hobbies. Remember to learn some workouts to build muscles at home, also. We don’t want your physical health to deteriorate from now getting enough physical activities.

Challenge 3: Everyone Else is Having Fun

While spring is the perfect time for friends to gather, it can amplify the sense of isolation for some. Whether you just moved or have lost your previous connection for some reason, it can be tough watching everyone else having fun.

In this scenario, the best you can do is learn to get along with yourself. Mindful practices at home are great ways to help enjoy your time alone while discovering what kind of individuals you’d like to have as your community.

Once you feel ready, go to public spaces or attend meetup events where you believe you will make new friends. Connections can’t be built overnight and rushed friendships rarely last. So, be patient, take your time, and learn to have fun by yourself.

Challenge 4: Reverse SAD

Sometimes it’s just the feels, but other times, you may actually suffer from a legitimate mental health condition called reverse SAD. If everything in your life seems to be going well, yet you still find the sunshine, fresh breeze, and happy atmosphere bothersome, you may have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you belive that might be your condition, speak to a mental health professional. Navigating depression disorders takes more than good wills and commitment. Professional guidance will help you manage your SAD episodes much more effectively.

Other Wellness Tips for the Spring Season

There are many other things you can do to build a self-care routine in the spring season:

  • Do a deep spring cleaning
  • Declutter and downsize
  • Take afternoon naps to replenish your energy
  • Take a short trip and get away from your usual environment
  • Write a list of realistic goals to set the flow for yourself
  • Participate in some new activities
  • Check in with your friends

We know spring feels like the official start of the year, and you might unconsciously get too pushy with yourself. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the small moments brought by this hopeful season. Everything will be just fine!

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