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IBUKI Air Purifier

Welcome to the IBUKI and IBUKI+ Resource Center. If you have recently purchased a IBUKI True HEPA Air Purifier, please use the button below to register your device. On this page, you will find everything you need to enjoy your new foot massager to the fullest, including specifications, frequently asked questions, and additional allergy management an dair quality resources from our blog. Enjoy!


  • Product: Ibuki+
  • Materials: ABS, Metal, Artificial leather
  • Size: 8.3x8.1x12.3 in
  • Weight: : 2.3 kgs / 5 lbs
  • Product SKU: MA-04WBN
  • CADR: 100 CFM
  • Coverage: 770 ft²/hr
  • Noise Level: <25dB


  • Product: Ibuki
  • Materials: ABS & Metal
  • Size: φ213*280mm
  • Weight: : 2.4kgs
  • Product SKU: MA-01
  • CADR: 88 CFM
  • Coverage: 400 ft2/hr
  • Noise Level: 25dB
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IBUKI/IBUKI+ True HEPA Air Purifier

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Where Should You Put Your Air Purifier

POV: You just got your new Ibuki Air Purifierand cannot wait to try it out. The question is, where should you put your air purifier? Here are some simple best practices to follow!