POV: You just got your new Ibuki Air Purifier and cannot wait to try it out. The question is, where should you put your air purifier? Whether you bought a purifier to improve indoor air quality or because your fur baby is shedding, here are some simple best practices to follow when it comes to your air purifier placement.

Where in the Room Should My Air Purifier be?

A general rule of thumb is putting your air purifier on a lifted surface with plenty of room around it. This is because an air purifier works like a vortex: it pulls dirty air in, filters and purifies it, then lets clean air out. Therefore, giving your device room would ensure the highest performance.

As for whether you should keep the purifier close? As long as your purifier’s capacity covers the room, you don’t really have to put the device next to where you usually sit. Rather, plenty of people prefer to leave some distance between themselves and the purifier.

Finally, consider placing your air purifier by the doorway so it can catch the pollution that comes with traffic! 

Can I Put My Air Purifier Next to My Bed?

You want the clean air to be within your breathing zone. Therefore, putting your bedroom air purifier on a nightstand close to your bed is best. If you sleep with your door open, make sure the air purifier is further away from the entrance, so you keep more fresh air closer to you. Also, avoid pushing the purifier against the wall as it would lower the device’s efficiency.

Can I Put My Air Purifier Next To The TV?

We get it. Sharing the power cord next to your TV sounds tempting. However, you should keep your air purifier from the television.

Air purifiers and TVs run on similar wavelengths. Putting them too close together could cause interference and malfunction. Ideally, you should keep your air purifier at least 6ft away from your TV. 

If you want to improve the air quality near electronic devices and reduce the radiation level, try some air-purifying indoor plants instead!

Where Should I Not Put My Air Purifier?

Here are places where you shouldn’t put your air purifier:

  • Next to other appliances, such as microwaves, speakers, and desktop computers. Your air purifier and the appliance could interfere with each other.
  • Directly on the floor. Your air purifier absorbs dirt, dust, and other particles to produce cleaner indoor air. Keep it away from floor to ensure it reaches maximum efficiency.
  • Against the wall. You should leave space around your air purifier on all directions so the device can pull in dirty air without obstruction.

Is a Purifier Better on the Floor or Table?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s best to leave room around your air purifier. Therefore, you should put your air purifier on a low table, nightstand, stool, or shelf about 5ft above the floor. You should avoid putting your air purifier directly on the floor, and definitely not on a carpet.

How Far Should Your Air Purifier be from the Wall?

Keep at least 6” between your air purifier and the nearest wall. An easy way to measure this with your smartphone. Most android phones or newer iPhone are about that tall.


Where you put your air purifier matters because bad placement could heavily impact your device’s efficiency. The placement could also affect how frequently you need to change your filters, if your air purifier builds up mildew and becomes smelly, and its lifetime.

However, placement isn’t the only thing that affects your air purifier’s performance. Therefore, you should always closely follow your air purifier’s instructions and stay on top of changing your filters.

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