albertOxygen bars became quite a trend over the past few years, and the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly pulled everyone’s attention to indoor air quality. Well. Today we’re going to talk about DIY-ing a home oxygen bar with a simple setup.

What is an Oxygen Bar

As the name indicates, oxygen bars serve purified oxygen the same way regular bars serve cocktails. Oxygen bars are often found in malls, and casinos, sometimes in nightclubs, even. Most establishments also have different scents guests can choose from.

Oxygen Bar Setup at Home

The easiest approach is to buy a home oxygen bar device. You can easily find a basic model online at Amazon or brand stores. To improve air circulation and overall experience, you should also invest in an air purifier with essential oil.

Why not buy an oxygen machine with aromatherapy functions? Well, because that would boost your setup cost up in no time, and who doesn’t want to get the best with the lowest price?

Do Oxygen Bars Work

Oxygen bars claim to boost energy, relieve stress, cure hangovers, even. But do oxygen bars actually work? While the effect may not be as significant as advertised, oxygen therapy, especially Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, can indeed reduce breathing distress caused by lung diseases and other illnesses, and therefore improve your mood, energy level, and sleep quality.

How Often Should I Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Now, understand there is a major difference between regualr oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is conducted under in a pressurized environment and is used to treat more severe conditions.

You also must qualify for home oxygen therapy before you even consider building a home hyperbaric chamber. Most doctors recommend patients using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to commit to 3 sessions per week.

Are Home Hyperbaric Chambers Safe

Yes. You can purcahse home hyperbaric chamgers online from established companies. These chambers are perfectly safe and don’t take up much space at all, making them available for those living in small homes and can’t afford going to a medical insitution for treatment every week.

Maybe… You Just Need Better Indoor Air Quality!

All these conversations about DIY a home oxygen bar and HBOT at home sure sound fascinating. However, is it really necessary for you to build an oxygen bar at home? We know sinus issues can be stressful and annoying, but did you know maybe all you need really is just a good air purifier for allergy?

After all, oxygen bars do come with risks including severe lung inflammation. If you have certain diseases, such as COPD or asthma, you also cannot use an oxygen bar. Therefore, start with improving your indoor air quality and lifestyle before jumping into building an oxygen bar at home. Finally, oxygen bars can never replace prescribed oxygen treatment by a medical professional!

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