We’ve heard plenty about the oriental magic called pressure points. You may have explored reflexology and acupuncture in the past, too. However, it’s not like we have the time or the funds to go to a massage therapist every week. That’s why you should at least learn the position of these 7 foot pressure points so you can give yourself a shiatsu massage on the go.

How to Massage Foot Pressure Points

Use your non-dominant hand to hold your foot steady, ,and your dominant hand to massage. This means supporting your foot with your left hand if you’re a right-hander. Use your thumb or index finger knuckle to press and release each pressure point for about 60 seconds. Sometimes you can increase the pressure each minute, as long as you don’t go over your tolerance limit.

How Often Should I Massage My Feet

Generally, you should give yourself a massage for ten to fifteen minutes per week. However, a five-minute daily massage to tackle all the key pressure points on your feet is perfectly safe and manageable even for those who are pressure sensitive. 

Is Shiatsu Foot Massage Safe

Shiatsu foot massage is perfectly safe as a home treatment for pain and stress relief. There is nothing you need to worry about as long as you follow proper guidelines and apply the right amount of pressure on your feet.

Refer to a foot pressure point chart if you’ve just started giving yourself massages so you know what you’re doing. Also, understand that you can’t solely rely on massages to reduce pain and overmassaging would cause more damage to your tissues.

Foot Pressure Points for Migraine

There are a few good foot pressure points for migraine and headaches. The simple rule for foot massage for migraine is your directions are reversed. This means you should massage your left foot for right temporal area, and vice versa.

  • Tai Chong: This pressure point is located on top of your foot, between the big and the second toe, about one thumb-width down from where the two toes join. Press and hold Tai Chong for one minute.
  • Zu Ling Qi: This pressure point is located on top of your foot, between the fourth and the pinky toe. Feel along the bones of these two toes and draw a V shape. Zu Ling Qi is located at the tip of that V you just drew. Press and hold for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Foot Pressure Points for Better Sleep

    Modern citizens suffer from insomnia for many reasons. Work stress, bad diet, too much coffee… While you adjust your lifestyle for better sleep qualities, let’s also take advantage of shiatsu foot massage for some instant sleep aid, shall we?

  • Yong Quan: On bottom of your foot, find where your middle toe ends and measure one thumb-length down. Press and hold for 30 to 60 seconds each time.
  • San Yin Jiao: Place your hand on the inside of your ankle. Measure three finger-width from the ankle bone. That’s where San Yin Jiao is. Use your thumb to press and hold for 45 to 60 seconds. Gradually increase the pressure.
  • Foot Pressure Points for Menstrual Cramps

    Ladies, this one is your savior. If you wish yourself a peaceful death during those days, try to massage the Xing Jian pressure point on your foot. Place your thumb between the thumb and the second toe where the two bones meet. Massage with even pressure by pressing and holding for one minute. Increase the pressure slowly each minute until you feel your cramps lifting.

    Foot Pressure Points for Pain Relief

    There are actually many pressure points along the bottom of your feet if you’re looking to reduce general pain. In this case, the best way to give yourself a massage is sitting comfortably with a tennis or golf ball as your massager.

    Place your foot on the tennis ball firmly and slowly roll the ball from toe to heel. Press down and hold whenever you notice a higher tension — that’s your pressure point.

    Foot Pressure Points to Drain Sinus

    May it be allergy or sinusitis, did you know there are foot pressure points to help drain your sinus? No more runny nose and looking for tissues all the time! Simply press and hold the back of your toes, right behind the nails. You can do this to all toes other than the two big toes, and it will relieve sinus pressure in no time!

    Investing in a Shiatsu Foot Massager

    We fully recommend you to spend some good dollars on a trustworthy shiatsu foot massage because a good machine with replaceable liners could last you years and take away so much pain. Trust us when we say a massager is way cheaper (and healthier!) than going to the doctor’s office and get stuck with pain meds.

    Until then, massage these seven foot pressure points for pain and stress relief, and feel the difference reflexology massage makes yourself!

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