Many of us only go to a massager when our muscles hurt. Pain relief seems to be the only value. However, there are more benefits of a foot massage or a leg massage than most of us know.

Long story short, foot massages feel so good because they conditions your mind and body into a healthier state by relieving inflammation and muscle pain, stimulating healthy circulation, and reducing stress. 

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Reduces Muscle Pain From Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy haunts many people, but did you know it shows up more than just foot pain? Your peripheral nerves go all the way through your legs and arms too. Therefore, a leg and foot massage using a foot massager for neuropathy would do magic if you suffer from neuropathic pain.

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Alleviates Foot Edema

Do you find your feet and leg swelling up? That’s Edema. It happens when fluid is trapped inside your tissues, primarily caused by a broken vessel. Edema in the feet can be quite painful sometimes, too.

A message starting with the feet and moving up the legs can reduce swelling and pain by stimulating your lymph circulation. That’s why a leg and foot massage works wonders with edema patients.

Promotes Healthy Circulations Throughout Your Body

Foot massagers with heat and vibration can promote healthy circulation, and that goes beyond your lower half! Our body is a complicated system whose parts interact with each other. Circulations promoted in the feet and legs positively impact the rest of your body too. In fact, stimulating your legs and feet is the most effective way to improve blood circulation overall.

Ease Menopause Symptoms and Cramping

Ladies, this one is for you. If you hate the cramping each month (of course you do), or are frustrated with menopause symptoms, you might need a good massage! Did you know that leg and foot massages stimulate pressure points that benefit reproductive health and hormone balance?

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a massager during those days, try a percussive massage gun! Enjoy a leg and foot massage anywhere, anytime, in the way you like!

Helps Combat Depression

Don’t you love the warm feeling you get from the massage? It’s like all the bad things melted away. Therefore, don’t be surprised when we tell you leg massages can help combat depression! A good massage of the feet and the legs also relieves stress and helps you relax. After all, these body parts are (literally!) carrying all your weight every day.

Improves Sleep Quality

The relaxation effect would allow you to sleep better. But, if you can stick to routine shiatsu massages on the feet and the legs, you will physically stimulate pressure points related to your sleeping quality.

Is a Foot Massager Good for Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy often manifests as nervous inflammation in your legs and feet. Neuropathy symptoms can vary from minor tingling to complete numbness or dibilitating pain.

There are various ways to reduce neuropathy foot pain. However, the most effective method is using a foot massager for neuropathy. These models often come with adjustable heat, kneading, and preset massage modes. They are powerful enough to sooth your muslces and nerves, but gentle enough to avoid causing any harm to your already-delicate legs and feet.

Investing In a Leg and Foot Massage Machine

Not everyone has the time or expense to go to a massage therapist. The covid-19 pandemic also made many leary about in-person massages. Therefore, consider purchasing a good foot massager, preferably a shiatsu foot massager, that covers your feet, ankle, and legs.

Trust us, it’s worth it!

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