Percussion Massager for Foot, Calf, and Back

Ugo Back and Body Massager targets hard-to-reach areas like the back of your neck, lower back, calf, and feet. Had a long day at work? Come home and turn UGO on. Recovering from an intensive gym session? UGO’s deep tissue muscle therapy is exactly what you need. Plus, UGO is also a fantastic plantar fasciitis percussion massager designed to relieve foot and arch pain.

  • Ergonomic Design: Easily wraps around your body and holds itself up without awkward straps or handles. Flexible, adjustable sidearms allow this handheld back massager to target knotted muscles other portable massagers cannot easily reach.
  • Deep Tissue Percussion Massager: Promotes muscle recovery with two percussion nodes and three sets of changeable tips, UGO back massager  With vibration and heat, UGO allows you to enjoy professional muscle therapy at home.
  • Portable Back Massager: Small and light design easily fits into your gym bag, backpack, suitcase. Bring it with you whenever, wherever.
  • One-Year Warranty: UL and ROHS-certified with lifetime support and full-coverage 1-year warranty. 
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      Percussion Massager

      Two percussion nodes and three sets of changeable tips promoting muscle recovery.

      Heat & Vibration

      Heated massage nodes help loosen tight muscles, improve blood flow, and increase circulation.

      Full Body Massage

      Relax your arms as UGO embraces your body with love and care. Reach every spot, everywhere.

      ergonomic design

      Independence At Last

      Who needs favors from others?
      Ugo will embrace your body with love and care.
      You'll never need to ask for a back rub again.

      Dual Percussion

      Deep Tissue Relief

      Ugo's dual percussion nodes massage your muscles, not your spine, giving you authentic deep tissue relief and faster injury recovery.

      Your Personal Masseuse

      That's The Spot

      Your wish is Ugos command. Reduce soreness,
      get those knots out, and kickstart recovery.
      All from the comfort of your favorite sofa.

      percussion massager for plantar fasciitis

      From Top to Toe I Sing

      Ugo also works as a foot, ankle, or calf massager.
      Relax your arms and see how easily Ugo wraps
      around your body and reaches the right spot.

      Oh So Warm

      Melt The Pain Away

      Heated massage nodes loosen tight muscles and promote circulation. More flexibility, less stress, starting today.

      The World At Your Fingertips

      Adjust intensity, speed and temperature by pressing a few simple buttons.

      Wherever U. GO.

      Now you can tackle that back pain whenever it sneaks up on you.

      Personalized Therapy

      Define your experience with changeable massage nodes: Firm, Soft, or Heated.

      Try Ugo Today

      Put Your Back Into It

      Ugo is the new-age percussion massager
      you've been looking for.


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      How-To's and More.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Product Specifications

      Product Measurements 44 x 33 x 9.5cm

      Box Measurements 44 x 33 x 9.5cm

      Weight: 3.4 lbs

      Material: ABS Metal Fabric

      Is Ugo Wireless?

      No. To maintain power, heat, and performance, and deliver you the best massage possible. Ugo is plug in only.

      Is Ugo Loud?

      No. Designed with an efficient motor, and noise silencing, Ugo is super quiet.

      How Long Is The Warranty?

      Ugo and all Miko products come included with a 1-Year Warranty.

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