Ultrasonic Humidifier
Keep your environment perfectly humidified, calm, and stress-free. Help soothe cracked skin, reduce dryness, and breathe better. The best investments in life, are investments in yourself.
  • Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier
  • Patented Zero-Leak Water Tank
  • Smart Humidity with Essential Oil Aroma

MYST is the perfect humidifier for asthmatics and allergies. Effectively controlling your indoor humidity, MYST reduces cough and chest congestion and improves your sleep quality. MYST will redefine how refreshing breathing can be.

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    Reset Your Body. Reset Your Mind.

    Warm & Cold

    Dual Mist Humidifier.
    Select Warm or Cool Mist


    Body. Mind. Emotion.
    Infuse your favorite essential oils
    Open up your sinuses and set the mood.

    Guided Meditation

    Follow Along Meditation guide to
    help you feel, sleep, and live your best.


    Set Your Myst

    Select Cool mist if you're in warm weather, need help easing cough, or loosening congestion.

    Select Warm mist in cooler climates, to help mitigate bacteria, and increase humidity saturation.

    Zero Leak

    Convenient Top Fill

    Conventional humidifiers require you to unplug your device and lug it over to the sink.
    With Myst simply remove the tank and fill with water. A convenient carry handle keeps prevents spills.

    Set The Mood

    Aromatherapy Diffusor

    Infuse your favorite essential oils to set the mood,
    help loosen congestion, and feel refreshed.
    It's amazing what good smells do.

    A Holistic Approach

    Mind AND Body

    Follow along the pre-programmed meditation guide.
    Deep breathing techniques will bring you back to peak performance, making you feel refreshed and re-energized.

    Smart Humidity

    Automatic Operation

    With Auto Mode turned on
    Myst will maintain the perfect humidity even if you’re not watching.
    Too low, and Myst will increase output. Too high, and it will lower output.

    Sleep Better. Feel Better.

    Rest To Recover

    Whisper quiet sleep mode adjusts performance
    to ensure you have a deep restful night's sleep.

    Large Coverage

    Perfect for small to medium sized bedrooms.
    Myst comes with a 4.5L water tank
    and covers 540 SQFT.

    Zero-Leak Technology

    Patented magnetic closure
    creates a tight seal between the water tank and the base. Keeping water inside the Myst and not all over your floor.

    Wireless Convenience

    Effortlessly adjust settings without moving a muscle.
    Got in bed and Forgot to turn on sleep mode? No problem.

    Experience Myst

    Take A Breather

    Try Myst Risk Free.
    Free Shipping + Free Returns Always


    Device Registration,
    How-To's and More.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Product Specifications

    Size: 7.7*7.7*12.6 in
    Weight: 4.06 lbs
    Power Input: AC120V, 60Hz, 30W(cool mist), 90W(warm mist)
    Water tank: 4.5L
    Effective area: 540 sq ft
    Mist output:
    Low: 140ml/h (cool mist), 200ml/h (warm mist)
    Mid: 220ml/h (cool mist), 300ml/h (warm mist)
    High: 300ml/h (cool mist), 400ml/h (warm mist)

    Does Myst require a filter?

    Myst is an ultrasonic humidifier, so you will not need to change your filters. We do however recommend you use demineralization cartridges to reduce water hardness and white dust.

    How do I put my essential oils?

    Never put essential oils directly into the water tank. There is an aroma box located in the back of the unit. You can put your favorite essential oils in there.

    Is it easy to take apart and clean?

    Yes. The Myst is super easy to take apart and clean. Visit the resources page to view our cleaning instructions video.

    Does Myst tell me the humidity in the room?

    Yes. Myst has a humidistat built in and the LED display on the front will give you a humidity reading.

    How long is the Myst warranty?

    The Myst and all Miko products come with a 1-year warranty.

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