Wine is definitely considered one of the finer things in life. Why is wine so enjoyable ? Well there are a few reasons. Wine can help alleviate stress, make you happy, add flavor to meat and cheeses, etc. so here we are going to discuss a way to add to such a wonderful experience. If your going to enjoy your glass of wine after a long stressful day than you want that enjoyable time to really peak. Women should have a glass a day, while men should have 2 glasses a day. The benefits are endless as far as wine goes. A wine decanter is a vessel that is used to hold the liquid (wine) which may hold some sediment. Wine decanters have been used for centuries and we will discuss the all around benefits it has to your wine.

Wine And Its Preserved Nature

When your favorite wines reach there final stage of processing, carbon dioxide is the main preservation element in the first fermentation to preserve the flavor and taste of the wine. Your wine is meant to last in that bottle for years so you can enjoy it whenever you’d like. When they bottle finally gets opened that wine need to breathe. It needs to get ready to be ingested.

What A Decanter Can Do For You

A decanter is used to help with many types of liquids. As far as wine, it can benefit your favor glass of wine in seconds. A wine decanter volume is usually equivalent to a full size bottle of wine. Decanters help aerate the wine, which helps it finally breathe. That bottle is preserved with carbon dioxide so its great to have oxygen run through that wine. It helps trigger the aromatic (smell) compounds of the wine to have that amazing scent. It helps express higher levels of fruit and integrates and smooths out tannins in the wine.

Decanter Benefits

  • Aerates the wine for better scent
  • Smoothens the wine for proportionate sips
  • Mimics the swirl of a glass to embrace the color and flavor
  • Helps rid of sediments that are in the bottle
  • A gorgeous centerpiece to any household
  • Helps Stimulate the oxidation process
  • How To Use A Wine Decanter

Place your bottle of wine in an up-right position so that the sediment can reach the bottom
Simply open the bottle and pour the entire bottle in the empty decanter
For older age bottles, pour slowly that way you can easily separate the sediment from the wine
For younger age bottles, pour the bottle fast and let it splash a little so that aeration can start right away
Once the bottle is completely empty place it to the side and start spinning the wine inside the decanter
Spin the wine for about a 1 or 2 minutes to really get those flavors out
Grab a glass and pour yourself that wonderful tasting wine

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