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Miko Prime Marble Stone Rolling Pin With Wooden Cradle, Smooth Wooden Handles For Easy Grip

At Miko we strive to deliver the best in Kitchen and Houseware products, but we don’t stop there. With this magnificent quailty marble rolling pin you will be rolling as ease with our soft wooden handles to relive strain on your wrists. The non-porous marble stone roller helps prevent grease, moisture, and odor from penetrating. Easy to clean and easy to use and is highly recommended by top chefs around the world. The heavy weight provides effortless pressure so you can do less work for a better result.

Here at Miko We spare no expense in the research and development, and production phases of our products. This mean we provide our valuable customers with the absolute best quality items, far superior than our competitors. With Miko you can rest assured knowing you’ll not only receive the absolute best quality, but outstanding and world class customer service. We carefully craft our customers’ experience to guarantee their satisfaction.

Features & Details

• Natural Heavy Weight Premium Marble Stone Allows For Effortless Pressure On Those Stiff Dough Pieces
• Non-Porous Marble Stone Stays Cool, Easy To Clean, And Is Favored by Top Chefs Around The World
• Quality Hand Crafted Marble Roller Polished to Perfection With Endless Longevity and Durability Guaranteed
• Solid Wood Cradle For Stoppage Between Usages Or For Storage While Not In Use, The Curved Cradle Allows For Sturdy and Still Support
• Elegant Natural Marble Stone With Unique Pattern Due to Natural Variations To Specific Cuts, Made With 100% Marble
• The Marble Helps Keep The Dough Cool And The Natural Qulaities Of The Marble Act as a Non-Stick Material Which Prevents the Dough From Sticking
• Hand Wash Is Highly Recommended

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It’s easy to put a few words together, but we believe our history means more than the words. From our excellent products to our world class customer relations team, we work endlessly to ensure your satisfaction and to create an amazing experience for you. Our customers mean the world to us, and we will do everything in our power to show it. Dont belive us? try us!

All Miko Products Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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