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Absolute perfection, hand made – ultra clear, luxurious crystal glass

The immaculate Divine Decanter with 4 Cabernet red wine glasses

The Devine decanter is carefully crafted from 100% lead free crystal. Lead is replaced by zinc, barium and potassium ensuring you have wonderfully shining, ultra fine glass.

The replacement of lead materials provides a safer drinking experience, as lead tends to leak into your drink overtime.


Hand crafted by our expert artisans.

Each piece is hand made with the utmost care and an obsessive attention to detail.

Our artisans cater to your every need, your experience is so important.

Eye catching design makes it a great conversation piece at any event or get together.

The Divine decanters slim spout followed by wide base creates a hypnotic pour when filling it up.


Decanting is an important stage in your wine experience.

By aerating your wine you expose it to more oxygen, allowing the tannins to settle, temperature to regulate, improving scent, deepening flavor, and ridding sediment from your glass.

You can now pour your wine drip free.


The unique hourglass shape is miraculous when filling up and pouring out.

The spout fits perfectly in your hand, enabling you to pour effortlessly.

The angled rim creates a free flowing pour that is drip free and wildly elegant.



  • Perfectly engineered for a 750ml bottle of wine
  • 12 inches tall at highest point
  • 8 inches wide at widest point


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